Tuesday, September 20, 2016


"Positive affirmations, when consistently repeated, can wind up sinking into the subconscious mind- thereby affecting a person's sense of self and their behavior"

We all have an internal dialogue- and what we say to ourselves has a huge impact on how we act and how we feel. How many of those daily internal conversations are positive? "Think Happy" by Karen Salmansohn offers the right words to say during a difficult time. These easy phrases are simple to remember and can be used by anyone - yourself, friends, family- including kiddos! Check out some of my favorites below and my thoughts on the book.

What I Liked

There were a couple of phrases that stuck out to me, in particular, reading this book. Everything in life comes with a pooper scooper factor,  be a positive evidence collector, be your own superhero, celebrate effort not the outcome and the always helpful - never give up. never give up, never give up! I could see some people viewing these phrases as not particularly helpful- but really this book is not for them. "Think Happy" is for anyone who is looking for encouragement. This book truly has it in spades!

I love that the book is full of phrases that I can use with my son. It was fun to read this and consider some of the struggles that will eventually arise in his life, and how these phrases might be helpful.

Besides having great nuggets of knowledge, this book also has great artwork. "Think Happy" has a beautiful cover as well and adds a ray of sunshine to a bedside or coffee table.

What I Didn't Like

Less a what I didn't like, and more a "wish there was more of"- as someone who struggles with thinking happy at times, I find positive encouragements helpful. But even more so, I find the scientific benefits of positive thought *very* helpful and I would like to have seen more of that. While being positive is beneficial in a tough situation, that role is an especially difficult one when others are being negative. During those tense times adding the levity of these phrases might not be especially helpful. I'd like to have seen some suggestions on how to helpfully and thoughtfully work these words into conversations so that the person struggling with their happiness does not feel as though they are being handed a pithy statement, but instead a positive affirmation to reset their mindset.

Looking for more positive encouragements? Karen Salmansohn has an incredibly inspiring Instagram full of nuggets of awesome. Check her out at @notsalmon!

Thinking about reading "Think Happy"? Click the link to the left to find a copy at your local library. Or find the book on Amazon by clicking my affiliate link below. Let me know, what are some of our favorite phrases of encouragement? 

Many thanks to Blogging for Books for providing me with a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review. As a girl who is "about the library" where books are always free, you can be confident that the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'm not all that familiar with this book. But we all could use encouragement for sure.

    1. Yes, encouragements are so important. I loved that this book helps you find ways to "be your own hero" per se!

  2. I try really hard to think happy, and I am generally a pretty content person. It's not always possible to think happy all the time, but I love that this seems to be about encouraging ourselves.

    1. Hi Kate! Yes, this book is just a giant heap of encouragements. That's awesome that you try hard to think happy thoughts- I definitely try to do the same : )

  3. This sounds like something I could definitely use, as I have been told I am too negative by several people throughout my life. I will have to check it out!


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