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Ten Profound Quotes from "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin

Ten Book Quotes from "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin

"But people - the ordinary, the decent and basically honest - couldn't get through the day without one indispensable bit of programming that allowed you to say one thing and mean, feel, even do, another." - Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

There is nothing better to me as a reader than a book that leaves me with little nuggets of wisdom that I want to share, tattoo on my body, and scribble in a notebook. "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin is packed with insightful quotes and today I'm sharing my top ten from the book. Keep reading to check them out or watch the video below!

Quotes from 
"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow"
by Gabrielle Zevin

"This life is filled with inescapable moral compromises. We should do what we can to avoid the easy ones."

One of my favorite parts of "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" are the subtle friendship complexities baked into the plot. The author presents both sides of a complicated friendship dynamic and you can feel yourself being pulled one way and then the other. And with that pull comes acknowledging the characters' less flattering choices. This piece of advice from Sadie's grandmother is *gold* in my opinion and definitely something to take along after reading the book into IRL.

"'Her parents can buy her anything she wants. Why would she want some dumb thing I drew on the back of an envelope?' Sam asked. 'I Suppose,' Dong Hyun said, 'because her parents can buy her anything she wants.'"

Sadie and Sam's friendship is SO well built in the novel, it felt very real and their ups and downs were very relatable. This moment happens during a heart-touching realization after Sam finds a framed maze he drew for Sadie. The fact that she kept it and also framed it shocks Sam, and I think this is a lesson everyone learns with time - genuine acts of kindness and friendship mean so much more than an expensive store-bought thing.

"There was the life you lived, which consisted of the choices you made. And then, there was the other life, the one that was the things you hadn't chosen. And sometimes, this other life felt as palpable as the one you were living."

"Throughout his life, Sam had hated being told to "fight", as if sickness were a character failing. Illness could not be defeated, no matter how hard you fought, and pain, once it had you in its grasp, was transformational."

"But Sam had always been so guarded - he was a boy, and also a windowless and doorless tower. She had never found his entrances."

"Maybe you need to let more people know you."

This is absolutely one of my favorite quotes from the book. It's such a small moment but hit me straight in the feelings. This is one of those I need this quote on a mug and a sweatshirt quotable moments that just make reading such a special thing to me!

"The way to turn an ex-lover into a friend is to never stop loving them, to know that when one phase of a relationship ends it can transform into something else. It is to acknowledge that love is both a constant and a variable at the same time."

"'Yes in my mind, she did. I knew your mother so well I could play her part. The same with my own mother and my grandmother and my childhood best friend, Euna, who drowned in the lake by her cousin's house. There are no ghosts, but up here' - she gestured toward her head - "it's a haunted house.'"

"' And what is love in the end? Alabaster said. ' Except the irrational desire to put evolutionary competitiveness aside in order to ease someone else's journey through life?"

Have you read "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin? Did you have a favorite quote I didn't include? Comment it down below! Or tell me which of the quotes from my list was your favorite too!


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