Friday, September 14, 2018

Dumplin by Julie Murphy- Book Review

"Dumplin" is a YA book told from the perspective of Willowdean Dickerson. Willow's mom is a former beauty queen who is now in charge of the town's big pageant. And also, in running for "mom of the year",  gave Willow the nickname Dumplin' because of her weight. But in an act of defiance and bravery, Willow decides that she wants to compete in the town's big pageant. On the one hand, the plot is fairly straight forward but thankfully it is full of fun elements too, there's a love triangle, there are tons of Dolly Parton references, and also some really enjoyable and life affirming messages about body positivity, family, and friendship. This book is currently in production for a film adaptation - it is being produced by Jennifer Anniston, and just taking a peek at the IMDB page for it, it's going to be amazing.

 Leave a comment down below if you're excited about a book to film adaptation releasing this year or let me know if you've read "Dumplin" and your thoughts about the book! Thanks for reading, readers!


  1. I haven't read this yet, but I like all the body positivity messages!


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