Friday, August 24, 2018

Lilli de Jong by Janet Benton - Book Review

Interested in historical fiction and thinking about picking up "Lilli de Jong" by Janet Benton? Curious about what I liked or struggled with while reading this book? Keep reading to find out!

Book Review and Discussion of 
"Lilli de Jong" by Janet Benton

"Lilli de Jong" follows a fictional story of a young Quaker woman who in 1883 finds herself pregnant, unwed, and abandoned by her partner. Lilli gives birth in a home that is for unwed mothers, and then afterwards really struggles to one, even keep her daughter, and two, provide a life for them. All while society works really hard to "teach her a lesson" and keep her in her place. The historical elements in this novel are so strong, and for that reason alone I would recommend this book. Some of the language in this book is a little cringey - the author does a really good job describing what it would be like it breast-feed in 1883, and also what it's like in 2018. The main character is a new mother, she is feeding her child, and she also becomes a wet nurse - so it makes sense, but I could see that theme being a little repetitive for some readers. Have you read "Lilli de Jong"? let me know what you thought of it below or let me know your favorite historical fiction novel that really left you concerned for the main character!


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