Friday, July 27, 2018

Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris - Book Review

"Bring Me Back" by B.A. Paris is a thriller that follows a man named Finn. At the beginning of the book, Finn is recounting how his girlfriend Layla disappeared after a fight that they had. No one can find her, and that is still the case when the book resumes about a decade or so later. In present day, Finn is dating a woman named Ellen, who is actually Layla's sister ( yeah, kinda weird.) They are both pretty spooked when signs of Layla start appearing in their lives. Finn especially because he is also secretly receiving some spooky emails as well. All of this leaves them both wondering if maybe Layla is actually still alive, maybe someone is holding her hostage, they really aren't sure who these "Layla signs" could be coming from. This book was a pretty big bummer for me - somewhere between two and three stars, just depending on my mood. But here's the thing about this author, even when this book was unbelievable and I was rolling my eyes, like - are you serious!? - she still managed to give me goosebumps. So, I'll still be reading her next book! 


  1. I've seen mixed things on this one, but I liked the previous book by her that I read- The Breakdown- so I definitely want to read more of her stuff!

  2. I feel like I've seen this around... And none of them were very positive. Most say Being Me Bck was unbelievable as well, though they kept reading because they wanted to know how it ended. Sorry this was a bummer for you - hope your next read is better!


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