Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr - Book Review

"The Sinner" by Petra Hammesfahr
Book Review and Discussion

This book gets *super* weird - lets go ahead and start with that - and it was a buddy read for me, so sorry buddy. BLERG lol you can pick next time! Okay, so it gets weird, but the premise is still pretty neat, and it's why I read the book, so lets discuss. "The Sinner" by Petra Hammesfahr follows a woman named Cora, she is a wife and mother, and she goes to the beach with her family one day and while she is there having a wonderful time with her family - she stabs a man, to death. When the investigators ask her why she did it, she claims that it is completely random, she doesn't know why. The rest of "The Sinner" follows Cora and the investigators as they try to unpack her life and find out exactly what her motivations could have been that day. This is one of those rare times when the the adaptation is better than the book. The narration style of "The Sinner" was just completely chaotic and really took away from the suspense that the mini series was able to successfully build.

"The Sinner" by Petra Hammesfahr


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