Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant - Book Review

"The Boston Girl" by Anita Diamant is a historical fiction novel and follows main character Addy as she describes her life to her granddaughter. The synopsis of this book sounds amazing and I was so excited to read it, I really wanted to like it - and I don't dislike it, I gave it three stars. Addy is telling her life story to her granddaughter, so a lot of the writing feels conversational, but it also started to feel like a list of all of the things that had happened to Addy. There wasn't that much exploration - not just in time, but also emotionally, it didn't feel like there was any exploration there. There wasn't much in terms of turn of phrase, and that was a disappointment. And it also didn't dive very deeply into any one historical event, the books starts in 1915- there's a lot to work with there! 

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