Sunday, November 12, 2017

Q&A Answers I Part Two

To celebrate reaching 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel - I asked for subscribers to submit questions, and I got some really fun ones! So many that I decided to split my answers up into two different posts. Watch the video below for the second half of my answers, or keep reading!

6. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

This is such a good question, especially since Halloween just passed! But I don't think I have had a paranormal experience. I have, however, had a lot of moments where I look back and felt like, man someone was seriously watching over me because I don't know what would've happened if - ya know? The first example of that that comes to mind - quick storytime :) - is when my son was born. I was at the grocery store, and about 35 weeks pregnant. And even though I had had low to regular blood pressure my entire life, my entire pregnancy thus far, for some reason, I checked it- and thank God I did, because it was high, like waayy higher than normal for me. It turns out I had preeclampsia and I had to deliver! James was born perfectly healthy at 35 weeks after a short 2 days of labor ; ) Looking back though, it is just so bizarre to me that I did that, that when I thought about it there was a blood pressure machine at that grocery store, I didn't have another doctor appointment with my OBGYN for like a week, so if I hadn't checked my own blood pressure- ugh, I don't even want to think about it! There are so many situations to me in life like that!

7. Which fictional character would you switch places with?

Assuming that this is a temporary switch like for just a day or two - because I would miss my family and also wouldn't want to bring them with me on my dangerous journey ; ) I'd pick to switch placed with Aliena, a character from the first book in the "Pillars of the Earth" trilogy. This book is set in the 1100s and like, how often do you even read about that time period!? Its so infrequently a setting in the historical fiction I read, as well as non fiction, and I just think it would be so neat to go back, like way way back and experience life for a minute- but it would definitely be a short term thing - I'd probably make it about an hour and then we'd have to sleep on hay or harvest a field and I'd be out!

8. Redecorate a room to match a book - which room and book would you choose?

So this question was posed with me redecorating a room, and no, lol- I am absolutely terrible at that! But if someone else were doing the decorating, I think I would pick "Revolutionary Road" which is set in the 1950s. If someone could redo my bedroom/ closet in mid century modern, that would be super cool! I love the clean lines of that style, as well as the minimalist tendencies of that time. Very cool, and in my life the minimalist structure is also very needed!

9.Which genre do you wish was more popular on booktube?

Non fiction, non fiction all day! And yay for it being #nonfictionnovember this month!  I absolutely love a really good non fiction book and if the genre were more popular on booktube then I am sure my TBR list would be full of amazing suggestions. I feel like nonfiction is a genre with a lot of hidden gems, and I need help finding them!

10. If you could travel anywhere where would you go? And if you could visit any bookish world which would you choose?

Looking at this question I'm like EVERYWHERE, because I feel like I've been absolutely nowhere yet! I did go to Hawaii on my honeymoon, but other wise, name a place and I probably haven't been yet! So my answer for this question is the Big Apple, NYC. I think that trip would be SO, SO COOL and I just can't believe that I've never been! I also think a European cruise would be awesome, because you can knock out a bunch of countries you want to see while also riding in the comfort of a cruise ship! Bookish world I would want to visit, Harry Potter's- but only the Hogwarts related parts, I don't want to end up back in muggle territory!

11. What did you study in school and did you have a favorite class? 

I studied English Literature! Shocking; ) And I minored in Education. So many favorite classes during college. English was a fairly small department at my university and I absolutely loved all of my professors and the personal attention we each received because the classes were fairly small. My favorite class was probably Modern Syntax, which was basically sentence diagraming for a semester. It was one of those rare opportunities where even within a thing you think you know so well ( the English language)  all of these doors opened up and it was like whhaaaa- OH that's why "that" does "that" - this is how language works, and why- it was very eye opening!

12. How do you think your reading has changed since joining booktube?

So many ways! The biggest is that it is feels so much more focused and purposeful. Before making booktube videos or participating in bookstagram, it was like okay - I'm reading, I'm a reader, this is a thing people know me as, and I always had a book I was in the progress of reading. I wouldn't say I read any more now than I did in the past, but just that it feels so much more rich- I'm not just going to read this book and toss it aside to move onto the next one. I sit with each book for longer, and talk about them in a way I haven't had the opportunity to previously. I no longer wish that I had people or a purpose for sharing my passion for reading and books- I do now! And it's awesome.

13. What character would you want to bring into your world?

I answered Eliana from Pillars of the Earth as the character whose world I would want to visit, and I think she is also the one I would want to bring into my own world. That book is set in the 1100s and I just think it would be amazing to borrow someone for like a day, I think that would proubably be overwhelming enough and let her see what life is like now. Is there a book like that? Someone should write one...


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