Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Q&A Answers I Part One I

To celebrate reaching 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel - I asked for subscribers to submit questions, and I got some really fun ones! So many amazing questions, that I decided to split my answers up into two different videos and posts. For the answers to these awesome questions and my attempts at giving an awesome answer, watch the video above or just keep reading!

1. Which book has affected you the most?

Starting with an easy question ; ) But the book/ books series (sorry, I had to cheat) that influenced me most as a reader, is "Harry Potter". In middle school, high school, and even college "Harry Potter" was life. And while the story itself is so magical and awesome, and I REALLY need to reread it, the community of people who loved and still love this series taught me so much about books and reading - it was one of the few things growing up that you could be unapologetically nerdy about. Books are something to be excited about! Books have an online community. I'd never been to a release party for a book before, and with Harry Potter it was like a regular thing! It really changed the way that I thought about reading and sharing the joy of a really good book, and I think that desire to share has continued from that experience.

2. Which books would you like everyone to read?

SO MANY ANSWERS! But the first that come to mind are "Lily and the Octopus" - this is probably the book that I recommend most frequently because it is so unique, and beautifully written, and I feel like, I mean it's a book about a dog, that's a big crowd pleaser - so hopefully it gets some non readers into reading. But also, I would love for everyone to read "All the Light We Cannot See" because it is also beautifully written and a story I want more people to love. "Room" because I think it has some awesome messages about the value of family and the strength of women, and most recently "Turtles All The Way Down" because I just loved that book! Oh and also "Setting Free the Kites" by Alex George, because it is SO GOOD, beautiful, and just hasn't gotten the attention it deserves!

3. Book you regret buying/ reading?

None! I've always been a library person for books I wasn't sure about. So, unless I'm like all in for the book or author, I check it out and then no buyer's remorse needed! I will say, though, that I have a bad habit of entering on Goodreads giveaways that i maybe shouldn't. I swear I enter for books I want to read at the time, but then they get to me about the ones I have actually won and I'm like eh:/ why did I use my like good luck or karma to try and win that!?

4. Do you prefer buying books or going to the library?

Totally depends on the book, although 95% of the time that answer is the library. Mostly that's necessity - I have specific books I want to read, and most of the time they are new release, ain't nobody ( or at least I don't) have the funds for that! There are authors though that I would go buy a book from like as soon as it comes out. John Green most recently, but I feel the same way about Rainbow Rowell, Alex George, Steven Rowley.. I'm sure there's more but that's a good partial list of them lol

5. If you could redo an ending, which book would you pick?

This is such a good question and I wish I had an answer for a more popular book that we could all relate to, but I just can't think of one that really bothers me! The last book I read where I truly felt conflicted about the ending though was "Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin. I don't want to change the ending, but I really wasn't sure how I felt about it. LOVED this book, but the final choice of the main character both made me SO happy but also SO sad! If you haven't read this historical fiction novel you totally should. It's a fairly quick read and so good! If, like me, you have a million books to read, though - the film adaptation of of "Brooklyn", while different than the book, was also REALLy good, too!


  1. Fun questions and answers! I totally agree with you on using the library a lot. Books are so expensive! If I love a book I've read from the library, sometimes then I will go buy it - at least then I know I'll enjoy it when I read it again.

    1. Thanks : ) That's a great plan. I don't reread very often, but there are a few books that I picked up at used book sales because I enjoyed the book when I got it from the library.


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