Saturday, September 16, 2017

The I Suck At Readathons... Readathon

Sometimes it is helpful to take a step back and acknowledge the things that we are not so great at in this world of books, a little constructive criticism, per se. Well I suck at readathons - I am absolutely terrible at them, but I think I've found one that I can do! Keep reading to find out what readthon may break my curse.

So, first things first - technically, I've never participated in a read a thon before. I know what you're thinking - then how do you know that you aren't good at them - the same way I know I wouldn't be good at climbing Mount Everest, or playing the flute, or competitive basket weaving. Readathons rely on a set of skills that I just do not have. For most of them you have to be a fairly speedy reader, which I am not. And you also have to have a fairly flexible reading schedule, nope, don't have that either. One of the biggest impediments to my success thus far with readathons is the community aspect, which almost completely happens on twitter. For whatever reason, I find Twitter super overwhelming - and maybe that makes me an old lady, so be it, twitter and I are not friends.

Enter, the "I SUCK at READATHONS READATHON" - this readathon was announced last week by Sam's Nonsense, a booktuber who I love ( click here to check out her channel). The #ISATRAT readathon begins September 18th and runs until September 22nd. The goals set out for the readathon are super achievable - and I'm hoping that by completing this readthon successfully, I'll have the courage to try some others in the future!

So here are the goals for #ISATRAT 
1. Read the smallest book on your shelf 
2. Read 10 pages/day 
3. Read a graphic novel 
4. Finish 1 book 
5. Read for 20 mins/day

WE CAN DO THIS, GUYS!!! Check out my TBR for this readathon below!

1. The smallest book on my TBR shelf is "Shopgirl"by Steve Martin, so my goal is to read and finish that book next week. "Shopgirl" is, thankfully, only 130 pages, so I'll need to read about 30 pages a day to knock the book out in time - definitely something I can do!

2. Read 10 pages/day, easy. Just from trying to finish "Shopgirl" in a week, this goal will be achieved. To me this goal basically represents that I am going to spend time reading everyday. Can do!

3. Read a graphic novel, this is the most interesting and exciting prompt for the challenge to me. The last graphic novel I read way probably a decade ago! Because I remember picking up the 9/11 Report Graphic Adaptation shortly after it came out in 2006. It's been a while! I am not sure where those books are even located at my local library. So yay! Reading a new genre, but thankfully one that can also be a fairly quick and enjoyable read as well!
4. Finish 1 book, assuming we are not counting "Shopgirl" or the graphic novel I am hoping to finish, then it is a bit of a lottery as to what other book I will be reading next week. But it will proubably be either, "The Best Kind of People" or "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo"

5. Read for 20 mins/day, this is my favorite prompt of the challenge because time is how I like to address my reading. On a good day, I like to go to bed around 9:30 ( yes, I am basically a grandma) and read until I fall asleep after an hour or so of reading. So reading for twenty minutes every night is definitely achievable for me!

Check out the video belw to see more of my thoughts on the I Suck At Readathons, Readathon. Let me know below in the comments if you have as difficult of a time with readathons as I do, or if you have decided to join this readathon as well!


  1. This readathon does sound pretty easy compared to some of the other ones I've come across! I'm doing a couple reading challenges this year, but definitely for longer periods of time than a few days! That's what always made me reluctant to do a readathon - as much as I would like, I can't really just stop everything I'm doing and read for a few days straight! But this sounds do-able! Good luck!

    1. I feel the same way, Angela. Dropping everything to read for a full day just isn't happening - and that was definitely a perk of the ISATRAT readathon for me. It was do able and that made it a lot more fun.

  2. I guess I adopt a completely different attitude about readathons, especially the 24-hour ones. It isn't that you have to read the entire time. It isn't that you have to finish a book. I view readathons as an excuse to read and try to read as much as possible, but really they are nothing more than a celebration of reading. How you choose to participate is up to you. You can choose to set a time goal, a page goal, or just go with the flow. You can leave comments for participants, complete the mini-challenges, take part in Twitter parties, or ignore it all. If there are set rules for readathons, I think think you are looking at the wrong readathons.

    That being said, I do hope you enjoy this one and realize that you do not suck at readathons!


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